AO Fortnite Summer Smash 2020

By TazerZap

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The Fortnite Summer Smash returned to Melbourne Park this year as a feature of the Australian Open. The Summer Smash is Australia’s biggest gaming event.

ELLY. Photo: Vanessa Taylor

J-Pop star cum rapper ELLY / CRAZYBOY was in town for the Pro-Am where he played trios with Neckokun and CR Ruri. They were one of 30 teams in the four match Pro-Am and grabbed Victory Royale in the third match.

“It was exciting, man,” ELLY said. “Ruri did a good job. We were nervous at first, but it was a good game.” ELLY’s team finished eighth in the final results and won $3000 for charity.

Thanasi Kokkinakis at the Pro-Am
Tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis at the Pro-Am. Photo: Tennis Australia

But the highlight of the Pro-Am was the nine player congo line in Match 2. When Zayt started shooting it up he was booed by the crowd.

The trio of Lachlan, Enschway and MrFreshAsian topped the leaderboard at the end.

Lachlan, MrFreshAsian and Enschway
Summer Smash Pro-Am winners Lachlan, MrFreshAsian and Enschway.
Photo: Tennis Australia

The next day, the Solos Event hosted 90 of the best Fortnite players from 11 countries, including BenjyFishy, Psalm, Ceice, Elevate, Replays, MrFreshAsian, EpikWhale, and World Cup duo winner Nyhrox. The players competed for a total of $400,000 prize money.

Fortnite screen shot

The players were invited to participate by the event organisers instead of having to qualify. The organisers decided that they would not incorporate the map update due out the day before the tournament and would instead play on the last patch.

Fortnite screen shot

Breso from Brisbane won the $100,000 first prize. He became the first controller player to win a major Fortnite event. Four of the top 20 players used a controller. Breso mainly used a shotgun and had great rotations and aim, though some Fortniters will debate the role of aim assist in his win.

Breso. Photo: Tennis Australia

One of the favourites to win the tournament, English player BenjyFishy, 15, wasn’t able to play at his best, placing at 13 on the final leaderboard. Just before the tournament he had talked about his full-on jetlag after making his first trip to the southern hemisphere for the event. “I’ve been on, like, 22 hours of travelling and I was already tired.”

Fortnite screen shot

On a local note, Mitch Robinson, winger for the AFL team Brisbane Lions, also competed. In esports, he plays for The Chiefs. Mitch recently switched from controller to keyboard. He had some good moments including taking out World Cup qualifier Jordan.

Fortnite screen shot

One of the highlights of the Solos event was the crowd booing Squeakz when he wiggled after a kill. A major highlight was the Match 5 win to 13 year old Kquid and his finish at fifth place overall. 

Fortnite leaderboard
Fortnite Australian Open Leaderboard
Videos From The Event

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