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US Open…Comes A Time

Having devoted years to pursuing a professional career, it is daunting to realize “It’s time…”

In New York, five players, three from the US, brought the curtain down…and using the theme of a Neil Young song, a “Come’s a Time” … continue reading


The Championships…Bits And Bobs

Below is a sampling of the “Bits And Bobs…” that made the 2022 tournament anything but a “Humble Roast Dinner…”

Kramer And Smith Anniversaries

While the Centre Court Centenary dominated the headlines, two other anniversaries should not be overlooked – … continue reading

Events Players

Roland Garros…Their Own Path

Some Grand Slam participants are touted when they are still in “nappies…” as future stars. There are those who are “launched” by tennis clubs and academies.

Many become members of federation training programs and as a result receive significant financial … continue reading


Christopher O’Connell – the breakthrough continues

In the decade since Chris O’Connell turned pro, he’s spent a lot of time not playing tennis.

For 22 months, stretching from 2012 to early 2014, stress fractures in his lower back prevented him from picking up a racquet. Then, … continue reading