Australia’s Open – A New Documentary

The world premiere of Australia’s Open took place at the Melbourne International Film Festival today.

At the screening, Sydney-based director Ili Baré explained why she chose the subject for her latest documentary. “I think that sport naturally offers all these great … continue reading


The rollercoaster life of Boris Becker in a new documentary

Boris Becker: The Rise and Fall is the second documentary this year examining Becker’s life.

In April, Alex Gibney’s film Boom! Boom! The World vs Boris Becker was released.  

A comparison between the two documentaries favours Boom! Boom! by … continue reading


Neale Fraser: A Davis Cup devotee like no other

When Neale Fraser took over the Australian Davis Cup captaincy in 1970, it was a daunting task. He was taking over the reins at a historic moment in the event.  

Under the captaincy of the legendary Harry Hopman, Fraser had … continue reading


Remembering Colin Stubs…and the Revival of the Australian Open

Colin Stubs, the former Australian Open Tournament Director, is being widely remembered in the tennis world after passing away this month in Melbourne, aged 81.

Stubs, known by many for his integrity and devotion to the sport, was an influential … continue reading